Saturday, May 22, 2010

with the summer comes lots of new paddlers

We have new paddlers almost every weekend, attesting to the growing popularity of seakayaking.

The usual routine in our club is to give a very basic introduction lesson  comprising of an intro to seakayaking, simple safety  concerns, and an hour or so on the water having fun and getting a first exposure to  the kayak. Usually we teach rudimentary boat control, simple steering techniques and aT rescue.

Then if they want to carry on the best way is to join us for our usual outings where we always have the newcomers accompanied by one of our instructors for the duration of the trip. Once they get a bit of confidence and  competence in kayak handling they can come for skills lessons on Thursday evenings.

This system seems to work quite well with almost all having a lot of fun and improving all the time. Obviously the rate of progress is totally individual and depends on each persons desire and commitment.

There is no competition nor pressure and each paddler finds their own level of competence and enjoyment.
If you want to learn more there is always a way and someone to help you.

So instead of standing on the shore and watching us with longing in your heart, come and join us, its more fun on the water.


Rachel Einav said...

לפחות אפשר לעשות "זובור " לחדשים עם שעורי הבטיחות.
תשמור על התמונות אולי עוד נצטרך להן....

avital said...

Nice said!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks! As usual, wonderful pics. Danny