Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A week in Paradise

The thing about vacations is that they end and then you have to go back to your old routine . You are left with memories, photos and a good feeling and thoughts that you should do that again as soon as possible.
In this modern world images and experiences are shared almost instantly and on this trip there were so many smartphones transmitting pictures in real time to Facebook that its almost redundant to post photos after the trip has ended.
Nevertheless here is a link to a short collection of photos from the wonderful  Greek Island of Cefalonia in the Ionian sea.
14 Optimists spent a week paddling in the crystal clear blue waters of the island, eating the delicious Greek food and sleeping on the pristine beaches and in small holiday hotels. The weather was perfect, locals complain that the summer is not yet upon them, but for us the cooler days were just perfect for hours in the water.
We had single and double kayaks, rented from Pavlos and Evonne, who also kept us updated with weather reports and helped find rooms when we needed them.
This is one of the best places I have been to for a while and will definitely go back. There is enough variety here for all tastes, some places are remote with no land access, so camping is the only option, but within a few hours of paddling you can find the Taverna of your dreams for a refreshing cold beer or icy Ouzo, and a delicious table of Greek salads, seafood and other traditional eats.
If you think that you will loose weight after a trip like this, think again, the balance is more food than paddling and you can guess the outcome.
In a nutshell, Cefalonia is a kayakers paradise.

Thanks to all the Optimists who made it a great trip.