Wednesday, May 5, 2010

how to steer your kayak

From the shore , watching a kayker paddle along the coast  looks like nothing could be easier. With little or no effort he seems to glide along, and he aways seems to be going just where he wants to.
One of the first things newcomers learn is that its not so easy to make the kayak go where you want it to go Especially if there is a bit of wind or swell.

Then you learn some steering techniques and maybe a couple of advanced turns too.

Thing is in the open water you are not tested, but if you go rock hopping, and have to get through a narrow opening between the rocks, you need to be more accurate.

Take into consideration the way the sea is moving you, the wave action and the surging water, make sure that there is enough water to get you over the rock or else you will be left stranded and have to wait for the next surge.

Today we went through the reefs along the coast of Ceasarea, for the first timers it was a bit of a challenge but all managed with only minor scratches to the hull.
Of course if you want to make it more of a challenge then do the same trip in rougher water.

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