Thursday, September 29, 2011

First time Eskimo rolling in the Guillemot fast double

Yesterday was the sea trial for my new Guillemot Fast Double, there were many volunteers to help me out, so thanks to all you guys.
First impressions, well it sure is fast, slightly tippy but not a problem, maybe it should have a rudder, but responds very well to turning strokes and easy to  edge. Definitly there is a need for good communication between the paddlers and synchronisation also helps.
On all our kayak tours there is always at least one double. Good for photography, the one with the camera does not have to worry about paddling, and can concentrate on getting the shot, and also weaker paddlers can keep up with the rest of the group. Also if someone is in need of  assistance, or not feeling well the double is very handy. It is a very popular kayak on long trips.
Looking forward to many happy paddling days.
Another great kayak design by Nick Shade of Guillemot Kayaks.....

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

sea trial and happy new year

At almost 8 m long I drove to the beach before sunrise to avoid the cops

Champagne for the first lalunch

Pass  the bottle please

Motke and I heading out on the maiden voyage

Out at sea and very happy too

David and I trying out rolling together, video will come later when I have time

David and Israel also have a go

And wishing all a very happy and healthy new year, cheers and keep paddling.

Friday, September 23, 2011

third week in September

Mans best friend gets a ride to the market

While we paddle out to the ship unloading coal for the power plant

playing between the pylons

In the absence of natural obstacles we use man made ones

Kobi tries out a surf ski

While at home I am finishing my double

Iris used to paddle kayaks with us, now shes moving on

Kobi is still looking at all the options

This morning the sea was flat

A  few hours later the storm front had moved in

The rain wet my new kayak, luckily I had given it one coat of varnish which was already dry. Just a few more coats and then launch day.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September at Optimist kayak club

Sometimes there are waves to challenge us going out

They make for some good pictures

Synchronised kayaking !

Yes, its  a wet sport

Orna sets  a fish free who jumped into her lap

My mom is here for a visit, so naturally I had to get her into a kayak, but thats as far as she would go. Maybe we will get her on the water before she goes home.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rain in August??

The weatherman said there would be a bit of rain, and the surf was building nicely

So we went to play in the waves, what else is there to do?