Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Paddling in dangerous weather

The storm was approaching and in the distance there were bolts of lightening. We knew it was just a matter of time before we would be in  the middle of it all. We also knew that it was not a good idea to go paddling.
On the other hand it was a great photo opportunity, so we decided to go for it, just for the pictures

To capture a lightening bolt is not so simple but today with all the modern computer programs and action cameras its quite simple to take a video and then extract the frame you like as a still photo

If I saw this  coming I would not go out for a long paddle, that's just looking for trouble
But a few minutes on the water allows Eytan to get some great photos in a dramatic environment

With the black clouds the colours seem much brighter
even black and white  looks better in this light

more lightening

Wasn't there a pillar of light by night somewhere in our past

and so we spent a few short minutes on the water and then went back to the safety of the club to drink our morning  coffee ..
Sometimes you have to make a special effort to get  a great photo

Friday, November 13, 2015

go on, you can build a kayak

first you get your plans and transfer them to your marine plywood
next you cut out all the bits and pieces

 and join up the long parts

stitch the hull together

use the forms as instructed

and before you know it  you have the beginning of a kayak

kitchen tricks help with the epoxy

the inside seams are strengthened

and then fiber or carbon is layered on the inside of the hull

inside of hull is glassed up

now turn over for the outside

if you want to paint the wood this is a good time

it helps to read the manual from time to time

fiberglass and epoxy on the outside of the hull next

as the cloth absorbs the epoxy the color shines through

almost done

the excess epoxy is scraped off

now work on the deck can begin

it helps to have a nice long work surface

stitching the deck

superglue holds the pieces together while the stitches are removed

thickened epoxy in the inside seams

fiberglass comes next

then epoxy

yes, we have a kayak

almost ready

lets go to the beach already

wow, its great

carrying holds  with a no knocking effect.