Saturday, November 8, 2014

when the east wind blows

When we have strong easterly winds we have to stay close to shore to prevent being blown out to sea

Its a good excuse to hug the shore and play around the rocks and reefs

And it allows us to rediscover the interesting shoreline of ancient Cesearea

Better to avoid the fishing lines , but sometimes we can help them out of a jam

the old Roman aquaduct still stands, it brought water to Cesearea

it makes a nice backdrop to the kayaks on the water

there is a remaining sea wall protecting the shore still standing

the wind blows the sand from the dunes down to the waters edge

meanwhile back at the beach there was a SUP competition for Breast Cancer Awareness

and here I found Hadas and Omer 

And then Pupick came to say hello too, Too bad the weekend is over and its back to work tomorrow

Saturday, November 1, 2014

A busy couple of weeks

next we had our annual symposium, Helen spent 4 days standing in the water teaching Greenland rolling techniques
Ali on the other hand stayed dry the whole time, [mostly]

The next week the weather changed and we got our first taste of winter,  rain and a wonderful rainbow

there`s nothing like paddling in the rain, the sparkles of drops hitting the water and the damping effect of the rain make this a special experience

Where is Helen now that we need her? Trying to practice lessons learned in the rolling classes. In fact if you  dont practice what you learned  it will evade you.
 Looks like it`s going to be a great winter.