Thursday, April 26, 2007

independence day 2007
On Tuesday we celebrated Israels independence day, lots of traditional outdoor BBQ`s but first we had a kayak race of 10 km at the Terra Santa kayak club in Herzlia.If you want to read about it , go to their website After going all out for 10 km you feel that you have earned the right to EAT MEAT straight off the grill and drink as much wine as you want. Just a few of us got together at our Optimist kayak club for a BBQ, see the pictures in the top link to picasa. We all had a great time together and the food was fantastic. Thanks too all who participated.
independence day at the beach

Monday, April 23, 2007

a day in the dead sea waters

400 M below sea level the Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth, something happens to the suns rays down there and they become therapeutic for a large number of skin problems. People come from all over the world to spend time here and heal themselves.Part of the healing process must be the enforced peace and quiet that occurs when you spend time here reducing stress levels and promoting well being.Last Saturday we spent a day at the Lot Hotel on the shores of the Dead Sea enjoying the bouancy of the very salty water and basking in the sun, just lazing around and relaxing, good for the soul and the body enjoys it too.
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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

after the holidays

Back to the normal routine after the pesach holidays, what a week it was , great to be on vacation. The weather was not very helpful and the sea was a bit untidy over the holidays , but we did manage to go out a few times.Mostly it was very windy making paddling difficult and also the seas were very high for a few days.Actually I love the action of large waves and the challenge of the sea when conditions are more like the real seas, our med can be like a big flat lake, good for a quiet paddle but much more fun when there are waves to surf. Today we went out to the coal ship waiting to unload at the Hadera Power station, its about 3 km out to sea, sometimes the distance can be decieving.Look here for the photos