Wednesday, May 9, 2007

the electric company

The Israel Electric Company has a power plant in Hadera on the beach. They use seawater to cool their turbines and return the heated water to the sea in a rushing swirling mass of white water.This makes a nice change for kayakers who want a little action on the water and today we went to play a bit in the electric hot tub.The temperature is a bit too warm and the water is a bit suspicious but nevertheless its a lot of fun being tossed about by the currents .Have a look at the pictures from today.
wednesday at the electric company

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

paddling in the mist

Saturday morning, 7 am , regular day on the water, nice large group of kayakers heading out to Jisser, slight mist on the way out, but after a stop for tea the mist just got denser until visibility was severly limitid. the main danger is getting run over by one of the local fishing boats and so the best strategy is to stay together and stick close to the shore and reefs.What an erie experience, never happened to me before, distances are hard to judge and everything looks different.It was a great morning outing . Here are some photos

a day in the mist