Saturday, May 16, 2015

looking for mister right. or why I need to build another kayak

New paddlers and even more experienced ones often ask which kayak should I buy, or if they are planning to build, ask which kayak should I build. The answer of course all depends on what kind of paddler are you or going to become.
Usually in the beginning you have no idea what that means, you don't know that there are many different possibilities and so in buying a kayak at the beginning of your career in paddling or building  you probably  will not get it right.
As you gain experience and skill you develop your own paddling style and preferences, maybe you like calm water, maybe long touring trips, possibly short intensive training runs or  white water river kayaking, Surfing comes later as you improve. Whatever you choose there is always the right kayak for you
This is my favorite, I love rough water paddling, surfing and challenging seas
So finding the right kayak has been my quest even if only now do I realize it as such

First kayak I built was the Night Heron, designed by Nick Shade. You can visit his website and find a kayak for almost any style you want. Today the list is long but 10 years ago there were not so many different kayaks to choose from. I love my Night Heron, its a great kayak , fast and responsive , large enough for tripping and easy to roll, but not best for really rough water

Next I tried the Guillemot Play, But it  wasn't exactly what I wanted

Then Nick designed the Petrel..It sounded great and looked good so I built myself one and it quickly became my most favored kayak. Just perfect in surf and rough water , quick enough on flat water and large enough for tripping. Seeing that I spend most of my time on the water in short  time spans and don`t go for long trips this kayak has become my workhorse.
And then Nick brought out the Petrel Play, so guess whats going to be finished soon and added to the collection.
 Watch this spot for  a new launch coming soon