Sunday, May 2, 2010

why take part in a kayak competition

Somewhere along the way it became unfashionable to be competitive.I know that in some schools competition is frowned upon because those who don`t win suffer from a lesser self esteem and feelings of inadequacy, and so to make everyone feel good there are no more winners and losers. What a lot of bull. Life is full of competition and we all know that in a race there is only one winner. So what.
Its not the end of the world if someone is faster, stronger or smarter than we are. In fact there will always be someone just ahead of us all the time. That`s not the point, rather we need to be the best that we can be, and  find a balance between our view of perfection and reality.
So , back to our kayak competition. It was a great day, hundreds of kayaks on the water, waiting at the start line for the signal to race and then off we went.
More than the race was the fun of being part of such a large happening, being amongst all those colorful kayaks bobbing out at sea was a great experience, and all those who I spoke to agreed that we should do it more often.
There were also many photographers out there, here are some pictures that Arele took from the shore.


Lee said...

Darn right!
We even have gym teachers at the kids schools saying winners and second winners...give me a break!!

I know I will not come near winning ironman this summer but it will give me a benchmark time to strive to beat next year!

looked like a wonderful time!

And your absolutely right. Its all about getting out there!

hadas said...

great pictures and great day.... with a tun of good energy and many many friends to see.

Silbs said...

After one of my marathons someone asked me how I did. I told them I'd won. They asked, "You came in first?" No, I told them, "I finished, and I met my time goal...I won."

Unknown said...

I think you got it spot on .