Thursday, November 25, 2010

surfing lessons and a new paddle

 I must admit its great to see all the new Greenland paddles out on the water. It does take some getting used to, changing from a Euro style paddle to a Greenland one. The feel is completely strange and it takes a good while to get proficient with the stick. So keep at it folks, and soon it will be as natural as pie.
Ant then we had a bit of surf the other day, nice smallish waves , just enough for a surfing lesson. This is another skill that takes a while to master.
Rolling is essential when surfing, otherwise you spend a lot of time out of your boat and  it gets kind of tiring.
Actually when you are surfing your kayak you find that you need all your accumulative skills, bracing is essential, both high and low, and if you use a high brace be sure not to raise your arm. Stern rudders and draw strokes are needed to stay in front of the wave and of course edging plays a huge part in direction control when you are going down the  face of that wave.
The one thing that stands our when surfing is the huge smile on everyones face.
Oh yes its a lot of fun.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

more from the misty day,

Still looking for the best way to capture the feeling of paddling in the mist.
All good until the flying fish attack

Sunday, November 21, 2010

optimists = opt in the mist

This is the season of misty weather in the morning. Winter is a bit late, the sea is still warm and the difference in water and land temperatures results in early morning mists.

When the airport is shut down due to reduced visibility things are not so good, but when it comes to our early morning paddle its another matter. In fact due to our lack of extreme weather we enjoy any challenge the elements throw at us. So a paddle in pea soup fog becomes an exciting adventure.
The sun is barely visible through the mist, kayaks drift in and out of vision, fishermen appear to be floating in the sea and everything takes on a surreal appearance.

As long as we stay close to shore we are safe, we think, that is if we can see the shore all the time. It can become very disorientating when you loose all your landmarks. Luckily for us its a rare occurance and we do not have it too often.
Everyone enjoyed the experience and we tried to capture it on film but the ideal picture is an ellusive thing.
How best to capture the feeling and the moment.
Of all my photos I like this one best.
All in all it was a great paddle.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

the last paddle carving day of 2010

Today we had the last paddle carving day of 2010, and believe it or not another 9 Greenland paddles were produced  and should be seen on the waters soon.
Well done to all who took part and thanks for making it a great day.
Greenland paddles are making it big time in Israel.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Avners stolen kayak. Have you seen this kayak

I received an email just now from Avner, very distressing news, his first strip built kayak has been stolen. here is his letter requesting help in locating it. If anybody has seen this kayak please will you call Avner as soon as possible 
 Hi Steve
My first strip kayak (Cape Ann) was stolen this week.
Could you please publish it in your blog and if possible in the blog of Optimist too.
It was stolen from the store house of the National parks Authority in Alexander river.
I guess if the bustards will use it it will be in your region.
Here are the photos. It has now black bungeeies and a black Feathercraft rudder which is not in the photos.
I think that any strip kayak that was not built by you or your friend, and seen lately arround Furadis, Dor or Keysaria might be this one.
If someone will see it in the water   please call me as soon as possible.
Actually I think maybe I did see it on Thursday evening coming home from Netanya. A car passed me with a kayak on his roof, it had a black rudder. I was interested to see it and turned round and chased it but to no avail, it disappeared and so I went on my way home not thinking about  it anymore.Maybe it was yours Avner. 
I am real sorry to hear this news and hope that you find it soon.
In the cause of decency I will not say what I think should be done to the ones who stole it.

Friday, November 12, 2010

learning to seal land and launch

We paddle past the reefs every day, the tidal waters rush over them and then back down again and I often wonder what it would be like to try landing on them.
Today I did just that, and luckily for me Hadas and Vered managed to film it from 2 different directions making a nice little video. I guess its like all aspects of seakayaking, practice makes perfect , or as Ben Lawry says, "perfect practice makes perfect"

Saturday, November 6, 2010

5 more Greenland paddles made in Israel today

Danny and Yossie working hard

success at the end of the day

Iris  managed despite her wounds

Anat and Itay 

Itay getting his blade right

anat with a vintage plane

get stuck in

Vered fixing her paddle

Ben getting ready for his paddle
we did it
Greenland style paddling in Israel  got another boost today  when 5 new paddles were made . Hopefully they will be seen on the water soon as their new owners take them out to sea.Most of the participants have had lessons with Helen Wilson and know more or less how to do a standard Greenland roll. Watch this space for more details.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

things you see at sea and a new winter project

I met this guy the other day, didn`t have much time to talk but found out that he was paddling his hasake,[ I dont know the English equivalent] from Rosh hanikra on the northern border , down to Hertzlia. Thats a long way to paddle standing up all the time.
This is my new project for the winter. Its a Guillemot fast double kayak, for advanced and intermediate paddlers. Hopefully I can get my better half to come paddling with me when its finished.

I have begun to cut out the forms .The cedar beams are for my next Greenland paddle carving day  

Here are some of the forms, ready to have the center holes cut out . I have to make a strongback of 23feet. thats 7.7m. and I don`t know how I`m going to transport it when its finished, maybe Ill have to hire a limo. Well I`ll just have to cross that bridge when I get to it.