Saturday, January 22, 2011

paddling and eating our way around the sea of gallilee

Kobi finds a new use for his new Greenland paddle

26 optimists at the beginning

be prepared

off we go

there are many churches along the shores of the sea

new kayak and new paddle

chase the birds away

zohar gets stuck into danny`s home made jam

ruti takes a nap

kid rests on the rocks

hadas looks at the church

in the water

paddling against the current of the Jordan as it flows into the sea

living the good life

looks good to me

another new kayak

after getting dumped in the cold jordan water

and then she did it again

gastronomical treats

nice colours

clouds of birds

early next morning

strong wind and waves helped us along

everybody had a fun ride

and the end of the day

happy paddlers, what a great life we have

Sunday, January 9, 2011

zohars new camera

Saturday morning, rough seas and no one around at 7am so I went for a walk to see the waves. Just as the rainbow appeared so did Zohar.

We watched the colors change and debated wether to go out or not. The wind was pretty strong and we decided not to venture out.

Just as we got back to the club the wind suddenly dropped and we changed our minds and got onto the water as soon as we could

The sea was roiling and boiling with waves coming in all directions so we stayued in the bay and played in the surf for a while

It was not easy to get any photos but I did manage to get a few of Zohar playing

Besides being a great photographer and budding film makes she is becomming a rough water paddler too

Then I went home to work on my Guillemot fast double. Just about finished stripping the hull
Heres Zohars latest video

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

in the surf again and what about my cat?

Cold, rain and great waves made for a lot of fun in the surf today.
There must be a better way to make surf videos. Hand holding the camera is not the key, as you need to be in the path of the breaking waves to get the best action shots, fixing the camera to the deck has its limitations too.
I guess having a boat out there with you and a cameraman onboard is the best solution.
Any volunteers?
Now what about my cat?
I have become suspicious about my cat lately. The way she lurks around the house watching everything I  do and then she disappears for hours. After reading the Egyptian and Syrian reports about the Mossad training sharks and now Vultures, I have the sinking feeling that she is working for the Mossad too.
How else to explain her  wierd behaviour, and where does she get to at night?
I bet its to report to her contact in the secret service.
Watch this spot as we discover more and more animals being recruited into the Israeli Secret Service.
And keep your eyes open for suspicious animals.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January birthdays. Happy birthday to all Capricorns

3 Bitrthdays on the same day and a handful of others all celebrating in January makes it a great month to start the year.  So far weve had Avital and Hadas, next week its Gil, Zviki and I all on the 9th and then theres Arye and Anat just after. So if anybody is on diet this is not a good month as tradition calls for some kind of celebration with cakes and other goodies after paddling.
Today was a good start, Champagne and a feast, that will be a hard act to follow.

We also had a great paddle in the rain with a rainbow to begin with

What a great way to start the new year