Sunday, April 29, 2012

last weeks surfing video by Yossie Wolfson

Saturday 14th was a great day for surfing out at the rock . The waves were just right for nice long rides, only problem is that its a small area and everybody wants to get on the wave. Sup`s, short surf kayaks and seakayaks. When were all out there it gets crowded and a bit dangerous, in addition we surf into the rising sun and so cant see who is in the water in front of us.This video shows us all on the wave, its a gopro fixed on Yossies helmet. It was a lot of fun out there as you can see for yourself.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

weekend trip Sdot Yam to Gaash and back

So if it goes in will it come out?

Once I could do that too.

Every trip starts with a toast

Families came to see us off

The day started with a mist

The water was clear and there was a light breeze

We are all patriots

Resting at Poleg Beach

Resting at Gaash, 30km from home

The end of a good day

Second day started with glassy waters

later the wind came up and the sea too

The double performed very well

Hovav surprised us with Ice Creams at our last resting space before heading home
We went south this weekend, from our home beach at Sdot Yam to the beach at Gaash, about 30 km was a first trip for many in our club and a welcome change of scenery for the older members. We discovered many new coves, beaches and cliffs that we don`t usually see along the way. Whichever way you look at it, paddling 30 km a day is a good achievement when the usual trip is only 12. Now I`m at home and feeling the effort on my body, physically tired and my head is not working properly. A good sleep will fix it and get me ready for the next adventure.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

fun in a surfski

Werners new paddle has a reflective surface, perfect for applying makeup on the water

If you paddle with Hadas be prepared for anything

See what I mean

Here were going backwards

its easier than you think

What the hell are they up to , those crazy Optimists

balance is important too

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

memorial day and independence

To celebrate our independence and survival  we have to remember all those who gave their lives in the struggle.
When I arrived here 30 odd years ago I thought that by the time my children reach soldiers age there would be peace.
Now I know that we live in a dangerous world and we have to fight for our survival every day.
In Israel everybody is a soldier.
We honour our fallen soldiers today and tomorrow we celebrate, moving from sadness to joy.
The price is high and the rewards are sweet.
Happy Independence day Israel

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Safety in a sea kayak

Much has been written and said about safety  and seakayaking, so I`ll not go into too much  detail.
After a tragic incident in our kayaking community this weekend many of our kayakers have responded with comments and suggestions.
We always tend to be smart after the event, and its easy to give advice when looking back. 
The question is are we always prepared for dealing with an incident?
In our waters we are lulled into a false sense of security.
Mostly we go out in flat water, sometimes in wind and sometimes in mild surf, this under the auspices of Optimist.
 Mostly when the sea is deemed to dangerous the club outings are cancelled.
This is then a challenge for anybody with a private kayak to go out and learn rough water paddling or to go surfing.
This is always at ones own risk. We take responsibility for our own safety, we know the risks and act accordingly, sometimes not going out at all.
Kayaking is an extreme sport, or not, depending on how you approach it.
If you only go out in easy conditions it can be peaceful and relaxing, if you go out in rough water it becomes more exciting and more dangerous.
If you like the challenge of excitement and danger then you need to develope the skills to survive the conditions.
Even in flat water incidents can and do happen.
Our Symposiums always have lessons on incident management where we teach how to deal with incidents, how to prevent them and skills on how to help one another when needed.
Awareness that things can go wrong and knowledge can go a long way to improve safety on the water and it is incumbent on everybody who paddles to learn basic safety rules.
Remember, when you choose your paddling partner , always ask yourself if you can rely on their skills to help you if you are in need, and can you help them if needed .
If the answer is no then you need to do some work.

the sea is big enough for everybody so why do we all have to congregate in one small spot

Today I spent more time surfing the great waves and less photographing the others, Yossie had a gopro on his helmet and hopefully got some video of me surfing alongside him . We need to wait and see , meanwhile here`s what I got
Seakayaks, surf kayaks and SUP~s all trying to catch the same wave

Yossie and Yossie together as usual

Shalom sharing with a SUP

Zohar joining in the fun

A rare moment alone on a wave

Ran was out for the first time too

Be careful out there

Tragedy in the kayaking community this morning

Rough seas this weekend and the club did not go out together. Only private kayaks were on the water this morning, the sea was not too rough and there was a nice wave out at the rock for surfing. While we were having fun in the surf one of our kayaking friends was in dire trouble.
This is what I could piece together from all the different accounts.
Gidi had been out alone as usual, he had been paddling in the bay, Raanan was just going out on his surfski and heard shouting. He looked and saw Gidi had flipped over and was in the water shouting for help.Raanan  jumped into the water to assist, he found Gidi unresponsive, without his life jacket on and adrift. He shouted to attract surfers nearby while holding Gidi and trying to get him ashore. Soon he was assisted by other helping hands who got Gidi onto a SUP board and while they were bringing him ashore began to administer first aid by CPR.
Unfortunately even when the medics arrived and more professional treatment was given it was to no avail and he was pronounced dead after a long and intense attempt at resuscitation on the beach.
I am sure that more details will be forthcoming.
Even though Gidi was not a member of Optimist , we often passed each other on the water and acknowledged each other, as all kayakers do and offer our sincere condolences to his family.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

From rough to a mirror like sea

The middle of the week gave us stormy seas with nice waves to play in and surf. Out at the rock there was a celebration of surfing which at times could be dangerous to your health as you can see in this video by Yossie Wolfson.

Yesterday we had nice rolling swells that gave us an exciting ride home on the back of the waves

A close up of the stern of the vessel that brings fuel to our power plant, we paddled out to it and then raced home again

Today was a bit different, first of all here`s a new style of hat to keep your face out of the sun in summer

The sea was as smooth as glass

Some clouds kept us cool

And everybody enjoyed the outing

Even  the surf skis

It was a perfect day for learning to use a SUP too

And at home the poppies are reaching their peak and will soon be gone.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Survival in the surf zone and an Aleutian paddle

Rough seas, perfect classroom for learning bracing and surfing skills

Eyal and I spent the morning practicing in the soup zone.

Launching through the waves

and bracing when broached are skills that have to be practiced over and over before they become instinctive
Mickey had been out there too

I had been trying out my new Aleut paddle, seen here on the deck of my beat up old Petrel together with my new storm paddle  inspired by pictures from Gnarlydog`s blogs   I have found the Aleutian paddle to be a great addition to my paddle collection. The larger blade has lots of resistance in the water, its still similar to the Greenland paddle and the paddling style is also similar. In rough water its great for bracing and has good acceleration for surfing. I`m still experimenting with it and as soon as the water warms up a bit will be rolling lots too. So far I`m pretty impressed. 

Vacation time at its best

Monday morning, a few of us set out to paddle to Habonim beach, about 20km north of Sdot yam. Anat and I took the Double ,Izzy and Eyal were in singles. The suoutherly wind made navigation of the double without a rudder very difficult and we had to work very hard to stay on course

We were rewarded with a sushi lunch when we got there , which made up for the hardships on the way.

Three  surfskis accompanied us on the way out but after lunch we didn`t see them again till we got back home

The homeward leg was easier as the wind and seas calmed down and we made it back in good time, tired after almost 40km but satisfied.

Tuesday the sea was like glass, hardly a ripple 

Some nice swells to catch 

I spent the rest of the day touring in Jaffa and couldn't resist this parking picture.He had just finished maneuvering into the tight space, I wondered how he planned to get out .