Monday, March 28, 2011

the dead sea by kayak

passing a salt bank

there were about 20 of us

looks as white as ice

pure minerals

The hills of the Judean desert

Strange salt formations



another yossie

heading south

beautiful day for a paddle

chanel from a sink hole filled with fresh water running to the dead sea

we went as far as we could

then had to turn around to go back

not much water

Orange juice and vodka, good fuel for a trip

always eating well

Saturday, March 26, 2011

seaweed continued

Well I have been reading Rachel`s book about seaweed and am finding it very interesting. I didnt know that seaweed are algae, I guess I didnt think about it at all. Algae are the green things that grow on my aquarium and in the swimming pool if the chemistry of the water is not right. They dont remind me of seaweed at all , but there you go then.And then theres this thing about eating the seaweed.
I know that swushi is wrapped up in nori and there are other seaweeds like wakame and others from Lynns macrobiotic cooking some years ago. And I remember liking  the taste of them too.
So when Funtessa asked me if I had used any of Rachelis recipes I got this idea of  getting together with Racheli , collecting some seaweeds and making a meal.
This all happened today.
In mild surf Rachel and I went to the seawall in Cesearea, braved the pounding breakers and filled a few baggies with nemalion seaweed.
Then we met at Hadas`s house and made 3 different dishes with seaweed.
Actually Rachel made them and I made a movie of the experience.
Besides being tasty and healthy we all had a great time eating and drinking the afternoon away.
Rachel sent me the English version of her book and in the near future I will post some of the recipes.
Meanwhile heres the video, and a huge thanks to Rachel Einav of blue-ecosystems , and to Hadas and Zviki for hosting us at their house. Also present were Motke and Efrat, helping us with the food.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

the food chain, from seaweed to champagne

Where have all the fish gone? these fishermen pull up empty nets again and again, its rare that we see them with a good catch. The waters round Cesearea are all fished out.

Today the sea was as calm as a lake and the water was pretty high, covering the rocks and making passage over them possible

Dotted along the shore were many picknickers with their BBQ`s going and we got numerous invitations to join them for a drink. Actually I think the ladies got the invites.

This Heron was looking for food too

The white seaweed has died from being out of the water for long periods due to low tides. According to Racheli, our local seaweed expert, this one is called Gania

This slimy seaweed, called Nemelion is totally edible and has a spagetti like structure

If Racheli says we can eat it , we do. Its rich in antioxidants, betacarotine and iodine and is non fattening.

the green stuff is called ulva

Heres Racheli and her book, there is an English translation if anybody is interested. She has also published a recipe book with seaweed recipes.

Meanwhile back at the club Champagne was being consumed and cakes appeared

The champagne was to  inaugurate Ronits new kayak

I can tell you the cake was more tasty than the seaweed and a bit more fattening too.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the world is changing and we still go out paddling


heading West

how to not drag your boat on the beach

Always in the surf, always

Heading North along the Cesearea shore

Looking for food

Helping each other

here she is. Zohar

Friday, March 11, 2011

look what or who I found on the beach

Went for a walk on the beach today and found this guy lying around. I flipped him over and saw his other side. Is this what you would call two faced?

Lynn thinks its not natural, I agree, thats why I brought him home with me.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

the last storms of winter

Storm clouds coming in from the sea made me cut my walk short, one minute the sky was clear and then when I next looked this is what I saw
Strange things get washed up on the beach
I didnt open this to see if there were still olives inside
No idea what this was supposed to do, maybe a float for a fishing line?
Yesterday morning , no paddling, strong winds and the beginning of another strom

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


 There is always something left over after making a Greenland paddle.
If you start out with a 2x4 at some stage you have to cut out the paddle shape leaving you with 2 offcuts, then your carve the paddle leaving lots of cedar wood shavings.
After a paddle day making 8 or 10 paddles  I am left with about 20 offcuts and they are not too useful.
Think again, there is a nice bit of wood in the middle and a thinner piece tapering to the end.
The middle pieces can be glued together and used for all sorts of stuff, like this fish.{not yet finished}It could be used as a breadboard.

The longer pieces were standing around for a while and then my son Eli decided to grow tomatoes.
He wanted them in a planter which we didnt have.
 In no time at all he had taken all the offcuts and turned them into these nice planting boxes, now the home to his new tomato plants.
Theres always something to do with leftovers.