Saturday, September 5, 2015

beauty, is really in the eye of the beholder

 In my mind a kayak is a thing of beauty. No matter the condition, be it brand new without a scratch or old and battered from years of use. Skin on frame or wood stripped, the natural lines, the sweeping bow, they all grip my imagination  and take me to the sea.
They may be simple looking but in actual fact are really very sophisticated sea going  vessels. Originally designed as a hunting tool, now used for sport and recreation the basic design has not changed for hundreds of years.
Variations abound and kayak builders produce works of art with every one that gets built.
 And not only are they a joy to look at, causing one to marvel at their beauty and admire the skill and patience of the builder, but they are also a wonder to paddle.
Each kayak behaves differently  but a skilled kayaker will instantly recognise how best to handle a particular kayak and get the best out of it on the water.

Some of them seem too  precious to take to the beach, subject them to the sand and stones, waves and rocks,but that`s what they are built for . Yes kayaks are built for hard work.
The scratches bumps and wear and tear all attest to the perfection of the design. like a good book with signs of repeated readings, bent pages and cracked covers, these signs all make up the character of the kayak and prove its worth year after year.

I can never just pass a wooden kayak on the beach without spending a while talking to the builder or owner. There is an instant bond made by the love and appreciation of a well built kayak  between us.