Saturday, September 29, 2007

annual triathelon

Today our kayaks were on duty during the annual triathelon at Sdot Yam, we were patrolling the water during the swimming part of the race, guiding the swimmers and helping anyone who needed assistance in the water. A great experience for those taking part and lots of fun too. It is inspirational to see the athletes , the never give up attitude when the going gets tough and the determination to complete the mission when the body wants to give up. Well done to all the participants and thanks to all the kayakes who helped.

Friday, September 28, 2007

the great rescue

The wind was a moderate northerly, the sea a bit choppy , not too bad and we were having a lesson with Hadas . In the distance we noticed a sailing boat upside down in the water and it looked like the sailors were not managing to upright her. So off we went , kayakers to the rescue. There were 3 of them, at one stage they managed to upright the boat only to go over straight away again. Soon we were all giving a hand and in no time had the craft upright, then fetched the drifting sailors and helped them into the boat.By this time the waves were building and they got home just in time.
You never know what you will find in the sea on our outings.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

waves waves and more waves

Tuesday and Wednesday the sea was a little rougher than normal, this makes life a lot more interesting for kayakers, and separates them into those that like the waves and challenges that they throw up at you, and those who prefer flat water outings.I love it when the sea is rough, when there are waves to surf and when we can play in the soup.So the last 2 days were like a gift from heaven. Here`s some photos of all those brave souls who ventured out into the wild sea.

Friday, September 21, 2007

rudders and turning stuff

Todays lesson was on turning, boat control and rudders, bow and stern rudders, forward sweeps and boat lean. I`m sure all who were there today found out that the learning process is never ending and a lot of fun. The amazing thing is that with just a little twist of the paddle blade you can change direction completely, like in life if you just change your angle of view a little you can change your direction a lot.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

wednesday in the waves

No storm warning, wave height 90cm according to Karels blog, in fact this morning the sea looked nice and placid, but out at the rock the waves were monsters. Every now and then a huge one would rear up and toss us about, Hadas, Arik and I were the only ones left after the morning outing so we went to play in the surf.The videos are not too good but you can still get a feel of the sea. I have to work on my video technique and maybe invest in some better equipment.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

outbrain rating system

See the rating stars under the blog, thanks to Ori now You can rate this blog if you want. Actually I don`t know if anyone looks at it or reads it at all, so the rating system will help .Ori is a kayaker too, he has a sit on top and sometimes joins us for outings, now that I think about it I don`t have any pictures of him, yet.
His company makes the widget for rating blogs or websites, so if you are interested look him up at
Today there are some videos of rolling by Gaby and Kid, just to show what you can do by practice.
Also I happened to see Limor landing her Laser on friday afternoon, nice little capsize at the end just like in a kayak...............