Friday, May 28, 2010

paddle vs work

 I managed to finish work in time to get to the beach for the Thursday lesson, no I didn`t leave anyone lying on my dental chair with their mouth open, but it was a nice change and a great way to finish the week.
I arrived at the beach to find the group practicing self rescues, there were people in the water, kayaks upside down and paddlers flopping all over the place. Most managed to scramble back into the kayaks and had a lot of fun in the process.[I`m still working on the video ]
Then to finish off the session we went for a short trip through the rocks and reefs .
This is always a lot of fun as you need to exercise all your boat control in order not to end up on the rocks.
Friday afternoon was a different experience altogether, the seas were up to about 1 to 2m and there was a 13k wind, this made getting out through the breakers a nice challenge and then coming back was a free ride with the following seas. There were screams of delight as we caught the waves home.

And the weekend is not finished yet, there is still Saturday  and the forecast is for  1m seas, so there may be a wave or 2 left for us to play on. By the way, there were no scramble rescues tried on Friday, its all very well in flat water, but a different experience when there is strong wind and largish waves.
Better a bombproof roll.

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