Saturday, May 15, 2010

I`d rather be paddling

Thursday evenings at 5.30, time for skills sessions with Hadas and Yossele.

Unfortunately for me I have to be at work and can`t participate, and believe me it eats me up. I often find myself wishing that my last couple of patients call and cancel, letting me off the hook and able to dash to the club for the sunset sessions .Mostly its the newcomers who attend  , people who have just joined our club and don't yet have all the right moves or oldies wanting to polish up their technique.

Last Thursday my son Eli just happened to be on the beach with his camera and managed to get these great shots of the group as the sun was going down.

Now I have to ask, wouldn't you rather be out there  than stuck at work?


Silbs said...

Let Eli keep the camera.

Unknown said...

Ok, and I will invite him to come and watch us more often too.