Friday, January 29, 2016

December 2015 to January 2016, how time flies when you`re having fun

On a family visit to the USA, I was lucky to get a paddle on the Potomac river

My brother  (not a kayaker) has good connections and so I found myself going out with Rita and Dubside on a cold December morning

While Stuart was getting the feel of the kayak Dubside was already rolling around in the cold water

We had a great paddle with DC in the background

I also found out that the Potomac has some pretty wild whitewater

and a walk in the forest was also on the cards

back home in Israel we had lots of winter storms

when we couldn`t paddle we sat around the kayaks drinking coffee and chatting 

there were some days of fine waves for surfing

and some days of just looking at the raging sea

Sometimes  it was just for the birds

We went looking for sharks in the warm water near the electric company

On sunny days there were almost too many of us on the waves

Hugs are always welcome

and we celebrated birthdays in style

we had lots of rainbow days

and some days there were only 2 kayaks going out

Misty mornings were magical

Whenever there`s a wave we get out and surf

Nice sunny days  everybody comes out

Cold wintery days and we have fewer  kayaks

It`s always great to go out in the guillemot fast double

and a demo of how to relieve yourself without getting wet

It`s the season of the birds

You need to be quite flexible in a double.
And so January  comes to an end, How lucky we are to be able to paddle all year round, to have such a beautiful environment and to enjoy the ever changing conditions. Now that`s a good way to  start the new year.