Wednesday, February 26, 2014

a bit more surfing this February

Confused seas but still a lot of fun.
Karl is just getting out in the surf for the first time, thats how we all learned to survive in rough water, you just get out there and play, capsize get in again and repeat. Soon you find that you are less in the water and more in your boat. Then you learn to  roll and the level of enjoyment goes up .

Friday, February 7, 2014

some waves are better than others for perfect surfing

Its no secret , I love surfing my seakayak , and so do a small group of other kayakers. We wait for the days when we can get out there in the rough water and play in the waves. Some days the surf is wild and confused, at other times its well organised with regular waves.
We go out anyway, and take our chances with whatever the sea gives us. Some days we have to dodge all the SUPs, and the small surf kayaks as well.
Last week we had a perfect day, no SUPs, no dodging, great swells and waves and not too many of us out there  either.
Getting a good video is not so easy either, Go  pro is good but it only gives a fixed view, so if its mounted on the deck or on your helmet you get a narrow view and dont get to see the full size of the surf, also you cant really video your friends.
The best place to be is just under the breaking wave , but this is also  dangerous  as the kayaks are fast approaching you and if they loose control can smash into you, and then there is the breaking wave just looking to catch you  unprepared.
Yosi gets a good run

Here I go , Yosi got this one just right
Flat water paddling is nice but there is nothing like getting out there in rough water and having a lot of fun