Friday, June 19, 2015

Learning to paddle the Petrel Play

In the beginning there was plywood , copper wire and epoxy

In the end there was a fantastic rough water kayak

Just add waves
.In fact since finishing the sea has not been too cooperative.
  Mostly flat water and not enough stormy conditions to really enjoy the qualities of this kayak
It takes a while to really get to know your kayak, to discover all the ways it behaves , how it rolls and how it responds while surfing. After a while it becomes a part of you and then you feel at one in the water.

I tried to keep it simple this time,  making a kayak that fits the style of paddling I do  and not getting too carried away  with features that I never use. I decided on no skeg as I have never used one and  have learned to paddle in all kinds of conditions without one, I felt that I could leave it out here too. Also very simple bungees on the deck, just enough to hold a water bottle or something else. In fact in rough water you don't really want anything on  the deck as it will probably get washed away by a wave. Deck lines are an absolute must especially in rough water as there will always be that one time you are pulled out of your kayak and need something to hold  on to . To keep the deck as simple as possible I used  Maroske fittings but gave in and put a holder for the Go Pro in the front and back .
The forecast for tomorrow is 1m surf, so here's hoping for a good day

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

KISS or Welcome Home

So whats the smile all about?
Well my loving wife came home after a 3 week vacation with my daughter in Japan, so thats the reason for the kissing, but at the same time I had time to finish my new kayak. She also helped a lot with the fiberglassing and finishing so I have to say thank you too

First test, does it float?
 well yes it does

Comfortable and easy to paddle

Now I need some rough water to play in

Wellcome home Lynn, glad to have you back.
 Thoughts on kayak building and KISS philosphy will come later