Saturday, October 17, 2015

Petrels, guillemots night herons and matunucks all on the beach together

Our 7 am paddle with the rising sun, the start to a special day

By 10am the beach was witness to a gathering of wooden kayaks , never before seen together  in Israel. Inspired by Nick Schades meet on the beach I decided it was time to have one here too and invited all kayak builders to participate

Avital brought her refurbished Guillemot S

Izi had fun in the Petrel Play

Muli raced Izi in a Petrel

Young Alon in his matunuck

The water was as clear as glass and the sea  could not have been more inviting 

Rani brought Zohars Matunuck, she made it 10% smaller than full size so he cannot get in 

first there were 2

then there were 3, but thats the most I could get together for a group pic, 

our next generation of paddlers getting ready

Hadas and Omer togged out in Reed

Yoram and Edward had fun together too

Hillel built this Gannymede with a bunch of kids 

from the water it looked like a lot of fun

the fast double is a great way to transport kids 

Moshe Boneh brought a beautiful shrike 

Eyal and Yali got together in the fast double

while Omer had a go with

and Shani also had a family day.
For a first time event it was a huge success, lots of beautiful kayaks ,giving everyone who wanted to try them a wonderful chance . People got to experience different kayaks , have fun with their kids, meet the builders and have a great day. What more could one want

Monday, October 12, 2015

the Israel trail , by sea. Rosh Hanikra to Sdot Yam in three days

The Northern border , Rosh Hanikra in the background is the start of our trip

It takes a while for all 28 of us to get packed and ready to go

Various degrees of sun protection are to be seen

launching on Betzet beach is always a challenge 

but once we are all in  off we go

there are some interesting places to explore along the way

and a nice bay and beach for a coffee stop

colorful kayaks 

another version of sun screen

Acco is a ancient walled city, always interesting to paddle past

the walls make a good backdrop

and the Acco harbour is always busy

first night looking over Haifa bay at sunset

Its amazing what you can get into a kayak if you really try

calm seas in the morning 

not much shade at noon 

and always great food every time

attention grabbers

second night at Newe Yam

happy campers

one lady has been on the water for two days and one has just arrived, guess which is which

along the Habonim coast there is an old wreck

well rusted

after 2 and a half days paddling its easy to rest

very easy

while others show signs of brain damage by overexposure to the sun.
Another successful trip, easier for seasoned paddlers and an amazing challenge for first timers. this year was a great paddle. See you again next time