Friday, April 30, 2010

the big race

We don`t have many kayak competitions here in Israel , so when the Israeli Kayak Fishing Forum organised a fishing and kayaking competition we all jumped at the chance to show our competitive spirit.Training was fast and furious an when the day came we were ready and pumped to go.
There were kayakers from most of the kayak clubs in the country and it was an impressive sight to see so many on the start line.
And the winners were all from our Optimist club, Hadas took first place in the womans race, Raanan was first in the mens, Israel came second and Yair third. Arye also won his category, Im still not sure what that one was. Anyway it was a proud moment for all us Optimists at the prizegiving, well done to the winners and also to all those who took place  and made it a great day on the water.


avital said...

G R E A T J O B ! ! !

karel said...

Thanks Steve ,great

Ido Bar said...

Great job, and cool video!!
Well done