Friday, October 2, 2009

new kayak launch

This morning was launch day for my new Petrel and when I got to the beach there was Itay Bahar with his new CLC Double kayak also out for his maiden voyage. Luckily Itay had brought the traditional bottle of Champagne for the christening, but up til now I haven't managed to give any of my kayaks a name. Maybe I`ll just give them numbers.
Anyway it was an exciting morning and a great maiden voyage. The Petrel is a terrific kayak, just waiting for the rough water that it`s supposed to be built for.
Itay brought his son with him, Amir, 4 and a half years old and already an accomplished kayaker with his own Greenland paddle.Now he just needs a kids sized kayak to complete the outfit.What are you waiting for Itay?
Today there were lots of wooden boats on the water making it a wooden kayak day for sure.


avital said...

Exciting morning for wooden kayaks-
Steve and Etay- well done- beautifull boats!!!!

hadas said...

loved the music too, it went perfect with the bubbles changing the pictures.
also both kayaks and great. well done to both of you.

Bryan said...

Looks great. Good job!

Silbs said...

Lots of good looking boats there.

Unknown said...

thanks guys, I appreciate your input

karel said...

Congratulations Steve looking very good :-)