Tuesday, October 13, 2009

greenland style rolling with Greg Stammer.....Who?

So you made a Greenland paddle and maybe used it once or twice, then hung it on the wall as a decoration.

What a pity, the Greenland paddle is awesome, versatile and supremely useful. If you don`t think so or have had a negative experience with it then you definitly need to come to our symposium and take a lesson or two with Greg Stammer

Greg will be in Israel at our symposium at the end of this month, this is a great opertunity to meet and learn from one of the best Greenland paddlers outside of Greenland. Follow the link and read about him and you cant help but be impressed.

Rolling is also one of the most confidence boosting skills to learn, and if you learn it early in your kayaking career then youre off to a head start, as you will be able to go out in rougher water without the fear of a capsize. Playing in the surf becomes a lot of fun when you dont have to worry about being upside down in you boat and you dont need help from anyone to right yourself each time. You dont need to know all 30 of the rolls , but at least learn to roll on your left and right side.

Also the rolling skills you learn with a G stick can be used with a Euro paddle too, so dont worry if you havent got one.

Jeff Allen of Cornwall will be here too as well as Ben Lawry, so there will be lots of fun and new stuff to learn.

Even if you just come for the beer you`re sure to have a great time.


Silbs said...

You guys are in for a wonderful event. Fortunately for us, we get to see these excellent teachers at many of our local symposiums. Enjoy...and post photos.

Unknown said...

will do, if our cameras hold out

bathmate said...

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