Tuesday, September 29, 2009

beach closed for the triathalon, and then some surfing

On Saturday the beach was closed due to the annual triathalon. There were 900 athletes in all competing in different age groups from the youngest about 9 yrs old to the over 40`s. Each group had a different course beginning with a swim, then a ride and then a run.
How does this affect kayaking you may ask, well apart from closing the access to our beach and thus having no kayaking , we were asked as usual to be out on the water watching out for the swimmers.
This time Hadas and I had the honour and we were out there from 6.45 when the first group took to the water.
Its a fine sight to see all those competitors running , splashing and then swimming the set course, and Hadas had to help one of them who just couldnt make it.
The sea was cooperative with flat water making our jobs easy and the swimmers had an easy time of it too
Yom Kippur followed on Sunday and Monday , again no kayaking, and so by tuesday morning we were rearing to go.
We had a bit of a wave and lots of fun in the surf.Getting good shots takes some effort as you have to be in the face of the breaking wave with the kayaks surfing directly at you, or as I tried today to film while riding a wave. Not so easy unless you have your camera mounted on your helmet [which I did not wear today}.

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naty said...

nice I like triatlon surfing