Saturday, October 31, 2009

on the second day............

Rain, thunder and lightening characterised the second day.Worried looks on the faces of the organises, Ehud and Hadas. Would the sea conditions allow our sympo to continue or not.To sea or not to sea was the big question.

Well, the decision was to go for it, and see what happens. Kayaking is a wet sport and a little rain does not scare us at all. Now lightening is another matter. So keep your paddles down, dont attract that electricity from the sky and youll be ok was the motto of the day.[usually in these lightening conditions we get off the water as fast as we can and go play golf].

Today I attended Bens forward paddling class, and what a delight it was.
Ben starts by asking questions, why do you sit like that, why do you hold your paddle like that, why why why. We were sitting in the kayak cage and doing all these experiments designed to make us think about what we do instinctivly all the time. What an eye opener it was for all.Then we got to go on the water and put it all to trial.

To quote Ben, "if you only take 2 things from todays lessons[and now I hope my memory is good], first dont start the power phase untill your paddle blade is properly planted in the water, and rotate that torso."

Now I am sure that not everyone wants to be a racer, but we all got a lot of food for thought from Ben and if we watch Hamish we all can loose a bit of weight and develope those fabulous abs just like Ben................

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