Saturday, October 10, 2009

from rosh hanikra to sdot yam in 3 days

This weekend we had our annual trip from Rosh Hanikra on the Northern Border down to Sdot Yam.Its a 3 day trip with 2 nights camping on the beaches along the way. There were 20 kayakers all in all, quite a large group, and a varied level of skills from relative newcomers to more experienced paddlers.We began at Betzet beach and went into the caves with a mildly rolling sea which made for an exciting trip. The wind came up, a northerly one with quite strong gusts making paddling downwind quite a difficult experience for many of the group and by the time we reached Acco we had a well deserved rest. We decided to shorten the days mileage and head for Kiryat Yam beach where we spent the night. On arrival the beach manager brought us a kettle of tea as a welcome gift. What a nice gesture. All our meals were communal affairs with a wide range of delights, pasta , salad and soup and the inevitable alcoholic beverage to ease the days aches and pains.Living in nature we tended to sleep early and rise even earlier. Next day began with flat seas and no winds but then the wind came up in the afternoon and made the last couple of hours a bit more interesting. We spent the next night at Habonim beach and were surprised by Racheli and Avigail who brought us a fantastic meal of couscus chicken and meat and knafe for desert.The last day we paddled past Nachsholim and the beautiful rocky coast and caves and then a dash home for the last hour or so. All in all a great weekend and a wonderful trip. Thanks to all those Fantastic Optimists for a great trip.


avital said...

אכן היה טיול נפלא, חבורה נהדרת, ו...לחיי הטיולים שבדרך!!!

נתי said...


תודה סטיב

avital said...

שוב חזרתי לסרט- הוא מקסים מעביר את חוויית המסע!!!!