Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the petrel in the waves

Today the sea was a bit more cooperative, giving us some small swell and breaking waves. A perfect test for my new Petrel. theres only one word to describe the performance of this kayak......FANTASTIC......
Going out against the waves it breaks through with ease and rides over the crests of the waves. The bow is raised enough to prevent diving into the waves making it easy to paddle against them.I had the same experience on Friday going out aainst a 16knot wind and wind waves of about 1m. Moderately easy to get out.

The fun starts when paddling in a following sea, coming home with the waves this morning was just beautiful. The kayak catches the waves with ease, breaking waves or just swells, it doesnt matter, I managed to speed along with the waves for a great ride. I have never been able to surf so easily before.

Playing in the shorebreakers was also a lot of fun, the Petrel is a great kayak for surfing, handles easily, rolls like a dream and is easy to steer in the foam and waves and I had almost no fear of nosediving even in the breaking waves today.
I admit the surf was not too large , but good for a start.

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