Saturday, October 31, 2009

3 coaches walk into a kayak club.................

Jeff has been here before, but for Greg and Ben its a first time and after 3 days we hope it wont be their last. That is to say that we are all enjoying the sessions with them so much that they will have to come back for more.Summer turned into winter on the first day of our symposium, heavy rain, thunder and lightening were the order of the day and at one stage the wind was gusting at 44 knots.Nevertheless the lessons continued , despite the conditions and later that day the sun came out wind died down. I spent the day with Greg and a group learning Greenland rolls, and what a good day it was too.Not to go into details of the lessons, enough to say that most of the participants had a great time and were successful by the end of day one.
I heard from others that Jeff and Ben`s sessions were just as good.
Later that evening we were lucky to hear a fabulous presentation from Greg on Greenland and Newfoundland expeditions.
Day one gets an excellent grade.


Silbs said...

Excellent. So, everyone goes to you. How about making plans to be here a year from now for our QAJAQ training camp?

Unknown said...

nothing I`d love more,