Friday, December 10, 2010

storm coming

Winter has arrived at last, and with it the first of the winter storms . This weekend the seas will reach 5 to 7m so no kayaking for us. Today we had a small taster, 20kn winds in the afternoon made for an interesting outing. There were only 6 of us playing in the bay, hundreds of windsurfers were out too but as soon as the lightening began  they scattered and we were left on our own. A sudden squall of heavy rain hit us for a while and then the sea flattened out again and the wind dropped.
It was an exciting afternoon.
On wednesday we had some nice waves to play with so all in all it was  a great week on the water.
The video shows some of the action.


Lee said...

great waves and by the looks a great club! Sounds like a great time to carve up some greenland paddles during the storm lull!

hadas said...

we went out side to take some pictures this morning, and you cant imagine what its like out there.
there is damage to the kibitz wall, the ceasaria old warf and at the moment there is no beach at all.
ehud's forcast was for 11 meter waves and i think this is it!!!
rami said he never saw something like this here yet.
o man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gnarlydog said...

Very nice waves to surf on and you guys are pretty good.
In the Youtube movie, what happened at 2:07? did that kayak get speared by an other one?
I can't see any Greenland paddles getting used on the waves :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Gnarlydog, thanks for you comments, Well its like this, the club instructions for surfing are pretty clear, wear a helmet and only one kayak on a wave. being what we are instructions seem to be a suggestion only and that collision was the result of 2 kayaks getting caught in a huge wave. I was on the seaward side and just saw them catching the wave and then the results. As for the Greenland paddles, most of our paddlers are just beginning to use Greenland paddles and not yet in the surf.