Tuesday, December 7, 2010

mossad trains sharks

Egypt: Sinai shark attacks could be Israeli plot

Well now I know what that secret place is that we as kayakers are not allowed to enter. Its obviously the training ground for the Mossad`s newest agents, the special agent sharks, trained to sabotage the tourist industry in Egyptian Sinai
And it seems to be working, but then again the Egyptian authorities have begun a campain to get rid of all the Israeli agents, oops, I meant to say sharks in the Red Sea resorts.
I, for one would not go swimming in those waters for a while, at least not until we have a peace agreement in place and stop sending those agents. Oh I forgot, we do have a peace treaty with Egypt.
Maybe the sharks are being trained for another mission?
It`s been a terrible week with the huge fire up in the Carmel forest, and now in the aftermath all the squabbling by the politicians to put the blame on everyone else.
Better to go paddling.
 At least in your kayak its up to you, you can`t blame anybody if things dont go right.Talk about personal responsibility, you may be out there in a group, but your personal skills are what you rely on when things go wrong and the better you are the better your chances get.  Otherwise stay in calm water.


Lee said...

....wow. Sharks...are these people retarded? nevermind I know the answer.

Great photo's!

Give me a call...your guys sharks patrolling the Oceans and seagulls e canadians have trailed to defficate on all tourist outdoor bistros...we will shut them down!

Silbs said...

First, I love the boat picture. Very dynamic.
Now: Here, in the great lakes, we are training Asian Carp. These fish can jump several feet high. They are quite large and, if they land on your head, can cause grave injury. Once trained, we plan to release them on the speed boaters to keep them away from the areas in which we paddle. Shhhhhhh. This is top secret.

Unknown said...

definitely something fishy going on here, and thanks for the compliment, the picture was taken by my friend Racheli