Friday, December 24, 2010

now you see it you dont

The outer wall of cesearea harbout s it was for many years

After the last storm a large part of the wall has been lost, all the part on the left of the picture is now history

And as the year ends and 2011 begins, I wish everybody a happy Christmas and Great NewYear .
From what I see a lot of paddlers have nowhere to paddle as all the water is turning to ice, except here, our weather is still warm and pleasant for paddling. It seems like winter is just not coming this year

My new kayak is coming along very quickly, I have almost finished stripping the hull, it will take me a few more days and then its over to the deck. It sure is a long boat, 7.7m, takes me 10 paces to get from one end to the other,and each strip is made up of 3 strips joined together.

the first few strips after the sheerline

and then some more,


karel said...

Thanks for the photos

Lee said...

wow your guys storm reall was something else. happy new year to you as well. Look forward to seeing that new yak in action in 2011!
And hopefully it doesnt crack in half like the last one! (that broke my heart!)

Silbs said...

I remember that wall. That's a loss of a lot of history.

Keep the photos of the new boat coming.