Wednesday, December 15, 2010

essential equipment and a rescue at sea

The sea has been a good playground for the last few days. The effect of the huge storm that we had is still causing big surf and thus lots of excitement for us.Private kayaks only, no club outings just yet, this encourages members to acquire their own kayaks. They can then go out whenever they want, in any conditions and thus develope those rough water skills that you dont get if you only go out on flat water.

Two pieces of equipment should always be taken whenever you go out.The first is a towrope, probably one of the most useful pieces of equipment for helping a distressed kayaker or surfer for that matter.

 See the video below where we find a surfer out of energy and unable to get back to shore by himself.

The second piece of equipment is a camera for recording those rescues and other extraordinary events that you are likely to come across as you paddle.
And yes I agree with those who say that you should be selective with your pictures, a few good ones are much better than a lot .

Almost forgot, I wanted to write about rolling in the waves. When surfing you often get flipped over, when you are sidesurfing its very easy to roll if you use the momentum of the wave. As you go over begin your roll and use the wave energy to get up again. Watch the video and see how Zviki gets it. It needs good timing and lots of practice .

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Zohar said...

Thanks Steve, with all the photos you had of me that day you had to put the one out of the kayak, you do remember I have a camera now- watch your back!!! I'll get you back for it!!! :-)