Sunday, December 12, 2010

the BIG storm continued

It started on Friday, continued on Saturday and reached the peak on Sunday.

Brave paddlers on Friday afternoon in the wind and rain

Who knows what will happen tomorrow.

Rain on Friday afternoon. Its nice to paddle in the rain

Meanwhile the news is full of incidents, trees falling on power lines, Turkish ships getting into trouble at sea, swimmers getting lost at sea,[ which idiots would go swimming in these conditions anyway?] and most of my patients not venturing out of their homes to keep their appointments, thus giving me an excuse to close shop, go check out the beach and then go home for an early afternoon.

View of the parking lot at the beach on saturday afternoon

When I got to the beach I met Zohar who was also attracted to the beach by the huge waves and fierce wind, here you can see her in the parking lot and check out all the rocks and stuff that the sea has thrown up .
Zohar in the parking lot on Sunday afternoon

 By the way Zohar is a great photographer and has just began to blog too so pay her a visit, its worth a few moments.
Visiting in the sandstorm
Yesterday we went to visit my daughter Michal who has just started her national service, here in Israel our girls also have to go the the army. The storm in the north was rain but down in the south it was all dust , sand that got into every crevice and crack and turned the daylight into an eerie yellow.We had a picnick in the car as the outside conditions were very unfriendly.

When we came home we went to see the sea, this was the beginning of the storm and then look at what the sea threw up, the power is unbelievable.
Leaning into the wind on Saturday afternoon
No kayaking for the next few days.
Sunday afternoon, the road to the beach is ruined

The parking lot on Sunday afternoon


Adventuretess said...

We are having storms here in Australia too, but they are different to yours.No sand storms, just lots of rain and wind, good for kayak sailing and rough conditions paddling.
I enjoy reading your blog, thank you for your regular posts.

Unknown said...

Nice to hear from you down under, thanks for your comments

זהר נבון said...

STEVEY- Thanks for the compliments and all. But really...all my blog worth is a couple of minutes????? :-) Will meet on the waves tomorrow- cancle every work you have!