Wednesday, December 15, 2010

fun in the surf

Zviki surfing to shore

Thats me on a wave

Hadas doing backflips

yoni on his new Chaos surf ski

What can I say about this one

I was using my Greenland paddle in rough water, it works

Zohar punching out


gnarlydog said...

Steve, good to see that you find the stick working for you in the surf. I had some reservations for a while but once I committed surprisingly it was OK.
I had to adjust my timing on when to catch a wave (start paddling a bit earlier) but overall I think it's safer: less of chance of dislocating a shoulder if arm extended to high above head in a high brace.
I find that the stick is somehow more gentle on the body, even when surfing.
Looking forward to your progress and hopefully will see more of your guys giving the stick a go.
Cheers from Australia.

Unknown said...

Gnarlydog,Hi, I must admit that surfing is still easier for me with a Euro paddle, I manage to catch the waves easier . Having said that I am beginning to get better with the Stick in the surf and dont have any problems except find that it gives me less support when surfing backwards.I guess its just a matter of getting used to it.
Regards from Israel

Zohar said...

Steve- what can you say about that photo....- chaos on the waves :-)

Doreen Murgatroyd said...


I'm researching 'rivers and places to paddle worldwide' for my blog.

Your title is about Israel, but on this particular post, you didn't mention where the photos were from.

Great photos though.

Unknown said...

Hi Doreen, thanks, the photos are from our local beach at Sdot Yam just next to the ancient city of Cesearea