Thursday, November 25, 2010

surfing lessons and a new paddle

 I must admit its great to see all the new Greenland paddles out on the water. It does take some getting used to, changing from a Euro style paddle to a Greenland one. The feel is completely strange and it takes a good while to get proficient with the stick. So keep at it folks, and soon it will be as natural as pie.
Ant then we had a bit of surf the other day, nice smallish waves , just enough for a surfing lesson. This is another skill that takes a while to master.
Rolling is essential when surfing, otherwise you spend a lot of time out of your boat and  it gets kind of tiring.
Actually when you are surfing your kayak you find that you need all your accumulative skills, bracing is essential, both high and low, and if you use a high brace be sure not to raise your arm. Stern rudders and draw strokes are needed to stay in front of the wave and of course edging plays a huge part in direction control when you are going down the  face of that wave.
The one thing that stands our when surfing is the huge smile on everyones face.
Oh yes its a lot of fun.

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