Saturday, October 17, 2009

black and white and colour

Vered has a new camera, she bought the canon d10 waterproof and is experimenting with it all the time. Some people , before using any new appliance will read all the instructions and only then begin to use it. Others on the other hand, and I fall into this catagory, will begin use immediately and only read the instructions if all else fails. Seems like Vered and I have something in common.

Heres Kobi and Kid in color , taken with my Olympus, just a regular snapshot

And heres a few taken by Vered with the black and white function, you lock onto a color and then click, giving you a colorful black and white photo. Nice for an added effect if you like that sort of thing,

Thanks to Vered Shachaf for the pics for the post today

The Canon looks like a hit, its much faster than my Olympus, allowing you to get the action pics easier, and the video also looks a lot better. I am just waiting to see how it holds up under water, lets see after 6 months or so. After ruining too many "waterproof cameras" very quickly I am a bit hesitant to spend money on unproven technology.

So far so good

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Silbs said...

It is amazing how much "smarter" these cameras are than ourselves. Makes for a lot of creative opportunities.