Wednesday, May 23, 2012

this is the roll, maybe

Learning to roll is a lot of fun, there are lots of aides out there, Justine's  DVD is great  and so is Helen's, but what ever you use to learn there`s no substitute to getting our there on the water and practicing. Then when you think you have it  you go home  only to find that next time you're on the water its lost again. This is natural and it takes a while for  the roll to become instinctive. Here we see a couple of Optimists at the beginning of the learning curve, and Zohar practicing with half a paddle then failing, staying underwater, joining the paddle together and rolling .It seems like shes underwater for ages, but shes calm and comfortable in this position and makes it look easy.  Videos can help you troubleshoot your roll, you can see all your mistakes like that stupid head trying to get up first instead of last.


Lee said...

WTG Zohar!!Took some time to set up...I was holding my breath!

Zohar said...

Steve organized a short day to break our Greenland paddles to 2 pieces and so I wanted to see how I can roll with only 1 half. I mean…why else did we break them on the first place?!
Funny that I can do a hand roll but half a paddle wasn't working. I had my other half ready on my front deck and after failing twice I joined the 2 pieces and rolled up. When I was finally done I found everyone ready to jump and save me. For someone watching from the side it must have looked for ever but if you look at the time it is only 17 seconds. 90% of the success in learning anything new when rolling is being calm as Steve said. Was fun and funny…