Saturday, May 5, 2012

boys and toys

The weekend paddles are getting crowded now that summer is on the horizon. We have 2 groups that go out on Fridays and Saturdays, the first at 7am the second at 9.30.We also give lessons to newcomers and then they join the group and learn on the go.
One of our routes is North to Jisser a Zarka, an Arab fishing village about 6km up the coast. You can either make a sprint for it if you are into fitness, or you can meander up through the rocks and past ancient Cesearea. Either way its a pleasant outing .
Today Kobi Keren brought his new GOPRO video camera and made a nice video of the outing from his point of view. I was luck to appear in the movie a couple of times, once at the beginning and then at the end while helping Eyal with his roll.
We have a new movie mogul in the making, go Kobi go.

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