Sunday, May 27, 2012

hybrid paddle.. prototype #1

Crossover technology in action. Here is Izzy showing how garden technology can be used to save a broken paddle

Paddles do break, joints come loose, and the usual repair is to stick them together to make a one piece paddle. Now with a simple garden pipe connector you can keep your paddle as a 2 piece, and then the possibilities are endless..

Some time ago in rough water, my storm paddle that I keep on my deck was broken . I kept the parts, because I never throw anything away, I always think that someday I will be able to use them. Yesterday was one of those days when an idea came to me.

Heres my answer to anybody who wants to try out the Greenland paddle but does not want to commit to its use, my new hybrid Greenland Euro paddle using Izzy`s garden hose connector. This is a prototype and will be tested on the water soon. Remember you saw it here first.


gnarlydog said...

that last picture is just so wrong :-)
Does the garden joiner stay put and keeps the paddle together?
While not excatly pretty is certainly is cheap. Nice solution.

Unknown said...

Hi Gnarly, on the Werner the joint stays together pretty well, its better than throwing the paddle away. my hybrid is just a joke, don`t think it will be seen on the water at any time