Wednesday, May 9, 2012

always fun at the optimist kayak club

Greenland paddles are beginning to be seen on the water

This morning we went westwards to the depths of the ocean

We lost sight of land for a while on the way back due to the haze. It was a good day to practice rolling and then when we got back to the beach......


Silbs said...

We're also seeing more and more Greenland sticks here in the states. I have a pretty much bomb proof roll with a GS and find them easier on my shoulders than Europaddles but, for some reason, I don't feel as comfortable bracing with them. Maybe that's because we roll with the whole stick and brace with half the paddle.

Unknown said...

I think its just a matter of using it bracing and getting used to the feel of the stick.I find surfing in rough water I prefer the euroblade or now my new Aleut paddle