Wednesday, May 2, 2012

this is the roll, get it right away and shorten your learning curve.

I remember learning to roll , it took me a long long time and was painful.
One lesson in particular stays in my memory, it was February, winter and very cold. Back then we did not have the proper clothing for cold water and cold weather.
 We also did not know any better, we were total beginners.
Our Instructor that day was a lady called Verka, she came from a whitewater background and tried to get us rolling without much success. All I remember was the intense cold and painful hands from the wind.
Since then we have come a long way, firstly we do our rolling lessons in warmer water and weather.
Secondly we now have better teaching aides,and with the popularity of  Greenland style paddles and rolling  experts , it makes learning to roll and teaching the roll a whole lot easier.
The latest teaching aide to come my way is Justines DVD, This is the Roll with Cheri Peri and Turner.
I love Justines This is the Sea Series, and watch them over and over while I ride my spinning bike. Now she has made this rolling DVD which has been making waves on the internet for a while.
Its a great learning experience watching  and makes it all look soooooo simple and easy
For those of us teaching rolling its full of info and tips that will make our lessons more efficient, and for those learning to roll it offers invaluable advice and tips. Of course getting out on the water is the only way to really learn, but watching the DVD first a few times can answer a lot of the questions that first time rollers ask.
If you haven`t yet seen the movie I highly recommend getting it and watching it a few times before going out and practicing your rolls.

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