Saturday, April 28, 2012

weekend trip Sdot Yam to Gaash and back

So if it goes in will it come out?

Once I could do that too.

Every trip starts with a toast

Families came to see us off

The day started with a mist

The water was clear and there was a light breeze

We are all patriots

Resting at Poleg Beach

Resting at Gaash, 30km from home

The end of a good day

Second day started with glassy waters

later the wind came up and the sea too

The double performed very well

Hovav surprised us with Ice Creams at our last resting space before heading home
We went south this weekend, from our home beach at Sdot Yam to the beach at Gaash, about 30 km was a first trip for many in our club and a welcome change of scenery for the older members. We discovered many new coves, beaches and cliffs that we don`t usually see along the way. Whichever way you look at it, paddling 30 km a day is a good achievement when the usual trip is only 12. Now I`m at home and feeling the effort on my body, physically tired and my head is not working properly. A good sleep will fix it and get me ready for the next adventure.

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