Sunday, April 8, 2012

To Michmoret with Avital in the Double

Avital and I met up this morning for a paddle. As its the Pesach vacation, I don`t have to work today so an early morning outing is just the right thing to do. Today is  Sunday, the kayak club is closed and so there`s no other paddlers to take care of and we can go wherever we please

We decided to go south for a change and then on to Michmoret, a bit further than our usual destination  of  Givat Olga. As you pass the beach of Olga the scenery changes, there are small bays and low cliffs and more rocks in the water along the shoreline

It  took us about one hour to get to the beach at Michmoret,
Avital found an energy bar in her pocket which we shared . If we had planned this trip we would have brought better supplies and a flask of coffee

I guess its good for the diet, how many calories in half an energy bar?

We got some passers by to take our photo and then began the homeward trip

The wind changed and was at our back for the homeward leg. The Double , without a rudder is not so easy to steer in a following wind and we had our work cut out for us to keep on track. As we got closer to the pylons of the electric Co.  we challenged ourselves by passing between the legs. It took us a bit longer to get back but all round it was a great outing. Paddling the Double is a lot of fun, I`m working on getting a rudder to make  it a bit easier.

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