Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vacation time at its best

Monday morning, a few of us set out to paddle to Habonim beach, about 20km north of Sdot yam. Anat and I took the Double ,Izzy and Eyal were in singles. The suoutherly wind made navigation of the double without a rudder very difficult and we had to work very hard to stay on course

We were rewarded with a sushi lunch when we got there , which made up for the hardships on the way.

Three  surfskis accompanied us on the way out but after lunch we didn`t see them again till we got back home

The homeward leg was easier as the wind and seas calmed down and we made it back in good time, tired after almost 40km but satisfied.

Tuesday the sea was like glass, hardly a ripple 

Some nice swells to catch 

I spent the rest of the day touring in Jaffa and couldn't resist this parking picture.He had just finished maneuvering into the tight space, I wondered how he planned to get out .

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