Saturday, April 14, 2012

From rough to a mirror like sea

The middle of the week gave us stormy seas with nice waves to play in and surf. Out at the rock there was a celebration of surfing which at times could be dangerous to your health as you can see in this video by Yossie Wolfson.

Yesterday we had nice rolling swells that gave us an exciting ride home on the back of the waves

A close up of the stern of the vessel that brings fuel to our power plant, we paddled out to it and then raced home again

Today was a bit different, first of all here`s a new style of hat to keep your face out of the sun in summer

The sea was as smooth as glass

Some clouds kept us cool

And everybody enjoyed the outing

Even  the surf skis

It was a perfect day for learning to use a SUP too

And at home the poppies are reaching their peak and will soon be gone.

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