Wednesday, December 7, 2011

toffee apple at low tide

The low tide uncovers the reef allowing the algae to become bleached by the sun. Pools  formed keep the algae hydrated for the most part. From Rahelis explanation these pools have been formed by the algae themselves. Pretty clever if you ask me.
Our resident seaweed expert Racheli Einav, so here`s the question, what is this red thing in the next picture?
To my untrained eye it looks like a toffee apple that some kid has thrown into the sea and got stuck on a rock.
These reefs become a wonderful playground
I found this lure caught up in an old fishing net floating around the reef and thought its better to remove it before it snares some bird or turtle.Luckily I had a knife handy
Michal also had fun round the rocks
Then we saw Izi and Idit holding hands while paddling, whats that all about guys?

I did some support sculling and a few rolls 

Balance is a problem for some of us, Ive seen people doing headstands in a kayak, standing up in the cockpit and jumping from fore to rear deck. Its impressive but not too useful

I`m uprightly challenged

Maybe this is easier
A helping hand and a fast shutter speed makes it look good.
All in all its a lot of fun on the water these days.


Rachel Einav said...

actinia equina

Unknown said...

Is that Latin for toffee apple

hadas said...

i love that last picture.
next time a video with a dance too.