Friday, December 9, 2011

so where would you rather be, home hanging curtains or facing a 3m wall of water?

Friday 7am, not many turned up to play in the waves. The sea was wild and angry and not conducive to good surfing
Beyond the reef the breakers were throwing up spray, so I stayed out of trouble.
Israel Yossie and I after a morning in the wild surf, not great for surfing but another day out on the water. That`s way better than staying home and hanging curtains.


nissim said...


Lee said...

Incredible buddy!!...although theres nothing wrong with a nice set of curtains lol

Unknown said...

Lee spot on, will work on the curtains today

Fat Paddler said...

Haha, very nice indeed!

Anonymous said...

Curtains? Arrrrrrr! I don't need no stinkin' curtains, mates. Gimme that 3M wall o' water any day of the week!
Great 1st pic got me drooling.
Moulton Avery