Thursday, December 22, 2011

choose a holiday

So its Hannuka, Christmas and New Year all at the same time. Some of us will be celebrating all 3, others will have to choose, but to all I`d like to wish
Happy Holiday , have a great year and lots of paddling.
Somehow all problems seem to melt away when we`re on the water, so spend as much time out there as possible.
Thanks to Ori Lahav for the picture , I havent had much chance to take the GFD out , but now there seems to be more oppertunities and so I will be getting out there more and more. One thing I have found is that it takes some time to learn to paddle with a partner and it matters who sits where. It`s fast and its fun and very long, maybe I will have to put a rudder on for better control.

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Lee said...

Happy Hannuka, Christmas, New year from my family to your Steve.

All the best